Classes are Held

Friday: 7PM-8:30PM
Sunday: 12PM-1:30PM

The Advanced Class - Friday

Got the basics and need more oomph?  In this class, you will learn more advanced movement to make you a stealthy and invisible ninja.  Advanced weapons training, disarms, grappling techniques are covered using Taijutsu principles. Through meditation, Taijutsu,  Qi Gong and GoDai principles break through plateaus, and learn the secrets of martial training.

Instructor: André  


All in Class - Sunday

This class is designed for the entire student base of Ninpo Toronto Ninjutsu. Whether you’re basic, intermediate or advanced, this class will help you with the movements, as well as personal development. Discover your inner ninja like never before.


Try Out a Free Class! 

Want to try a class out to see if we are the right fit for you? Come wearing loose and comfortable clothing.


Don Ritter's Karate & Fitness
94 Laird Dr. (Entrance off Lea Ave.)
East York, Ontario, Canada M4G 3V2

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